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So Many Books… So Little Time!

by Melanie Dickerson “You are honest and sincere and very brave.” He leaned closer to her. What was she thinking? But she said nothing. So he went on. “And you are very beautiful. I wonder if you could ever think of me…” “Think of you? Of course.” She sounded breathless. Court of Swans As a …

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by Melanie Dickerson Evil could never defeat good. Though evil could lie and steal and destroy for a time, it was only for a time; God always had the final say. The Peasant’s Dream The summer following my sophomore year of college, I needed a break. I needed to get lost in the written word …

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by Lisa T. Bergren Courage is not the absence of fear, but the decision that something is more important than fear. – Waterfall WATERFALL, RIVER OF TIME SERIES 1 Check out other reviews in the series: Waterfall (Book 1) Cascade (Book 2) Torrent (Book 3) Bourne & Tributary (Book 4) Deluge (Book 5)