The Red Review

So Many Books… So Little Time!

by Jody Hedlund

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Whatever might lie ahead, they wouldn’t walk around the hardships and aim only for the wellsprings. Instead, they’d walk hand in hand through the difficulties, growing stronger together.”

Never Leave Me

I have long revered the writings of Jody Hedlund for years and have devoured every book of hers that I could get my greedy hands on. Ranging from fairytale retellings, historical fiction, biographies, and now time-travel romances, Hedlund’s books contain interest for every type of reader. 

With the second installment in the Waters of Time series, Hedlund has once again written a masterpiece. If you read Come Back To Me, the first book, then just like me, you were delighted to learn that Hedlund would continue the story of Ellen and Harrison.

So when I found out one of my favorite authors was writing a book about a

Ellen Creighton has suffered a terminal disease for years. Knowing that she would not live long, she has decided to live every day to its fullest, but never allowing her relationships to grow beyond friendship. 

Harrison has plans of his own, and it does not involve losing the love of his life, but rather gifting her with holy water so that she would heal. 

But what if that healing leads to even more danger? 

In the last stages of a genetic disease, Ellen Creighton has decided to live out her remaining days at the estate of her longtime friend Harrison Burlington. Harrison cares deeply for Ellen, but as a wheelchair-bound paraplegic, he’s never allowed himself to get serious in a relationship. However, he’s desperately trying to save her by finding the holy water that is believed to heal any disease.

When he locates two flasks, Ellen refuses to drink one of them because she believes the holy water killed her sister and father. In an effort to convince her to take it, Harrison ingests the contents first, and when Ellen witnesses the effects, she can no longer deny the power of the substance in the bottles. Dangerous criminals are also seeking the holy water, and Ellen soon learns they will go to any lengths to get the powerful drug–including sending her back into the past to find it for them.

Both Ellen and Harrison were characters to adore. Harrison’s undying love and devotion to Ellen was classic Hedlund. His love is one that every woman prays and longs for. Frustrating to the reader though, Ellen is completely oblivious to the greater depth of his feelings for her and also that which she is willing to admit of her own. 

Due to this, there were a few points that made it a little harder to enjoy the story. Unaccustomed to one of the characters already in love with another, their relationship seemed really off-balance. Unknowingly, Ellen misuses Harrison and it was very frustrating as the reader.

However, it was rather more realistic, and many will relate to both characters, having had similar relationships in real life. Not everyone falls at the same time, and often we let our fear hold us back from speaking truth. It can be much easier to keep our cards close to our chest, rather than it all on the table. Fearful of rejection, the unknown, loneliness, etc. 

Jody Hedlund, you have done it again. Another masterpiece! 

Recommendation: I would read the first book, Come Back to Me, before reading Never Leave Me. Although not impossible to track with the story, you would be much better served.

I was given a free copy of the book, but the opinions in this review are completely my own.

The Red Review: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

*** 4 Stars: Compelling Characters, Well-Written, Interesting Storyline, Unable to Stop

There are several other great books by Jody Hedlund!

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